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Antaean, Ltd. has been active in business for over 20 years, but our experience goes well beyond that. Each of our team members has more than 20 years in healthcare. The depth and breadth of our experience includes many facets of the healthcare industry: hospitals and hospital systems, physician organizations, integrated delivery systems, pharmacy benefit management, managed care organizations, and population health.

In the course of our 20+ years in business, we’ve been asked to assist clients in vetting and selecting technology partners. How can we better serve our patients and the community clinically? How can we streamline processes and reduce burden on staff? What new technologies are reliable – do they really work and is the company reliable? Clients are typically looking for solutions that improve clinical outcomes, keep staff safe, unclutter workflows, bring value, and add dollars to the bottom line.

As a result of these types of questions, our business focus has shifted from strictly consulting to consultative selling and representing companies that add value to the healthcare system and ultimately to patients. We have built relationships with vendor companies offering these types of technologies. The companies we work with consistently meet or exceed high professional and product standards. Below are three companies that bring value to the healthcare provider and patients.


Avidicare is a Swedish company committed to the vision “Towards Zero Infections”. They work together with healthcare professionals and partners to eliminate airborne infections, especially Surgical Site Infections, in medical facilities. We did the market research that led to their introduction into the U. S. market. They are an established company that brings new technology that far surpasses traditional options.

Important to know: Avidicare’s Opragon System cleans the room of viruses such as the Coronavirus.

Avidicare’s Value



Jvion goes beyond traditional predictive analytics, identifying hidden patient risk across various diseases and clinical events and if that risk trajectory can be changed towards a positive outcome. Their prescriptive AI then recommends appropriate action for each patient – taking into account clinical, socioeconomic and behavioral data — in addition to clinically-validated best practices. Armed with this intelligence, healthcare organizations can improve quality, cost, and the overall patient experience. We’ve worked with Jvion for 10 years and they are an industry superstar.

Important to know: Jvion has a COVID Response Suite.

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Velocity Health

Velocity offers advanced analytics for understanding the gaps and opportunities in your specialty pharmacy business, especially 340B cashflow and compliance. Their Intelligent Routing and Prior Authorization solutions streamline the front-end process and save you money.  In addition, Velocity brings an experienced team of Pharmacists who are experts in all aspects of the 340B program.  This expertise allows organizations to optimize all areas of their 340B service capabilities.

Important to know: Velocity helps get medications to your patients faster.

How Velocity Can Help


Our commitment to value has been a constant: value for our clients and the communities they serve.